Light Rail fail

CONFUSED by a new city and its one way road system, I once turned right instead of left at an intersection and ended up facing three lanes of oncoming traffic on Wickham Street in Fortitude Valley.

On a busy Friday night.

Not good.


So I am not going to ridicule the 88-year-old lady who found herself stuck on the tram tracks yesterday.

Car lifted - ABC

A sudden traffic light change or an unexpected lane, in the middle of the Gold Coast’s always angry peak hour traffic, and I too may one day panic and find my car being lifted off a tram track by a crane.

That’s why I am terrified of driving around Surfers Paradise and Southport at the moment.

All the stories of people getting confused and smashing into the trams are very concerning.

So where is the big education campaign they were going to give us about the route, the regulations and the other changes we should expect?

On the GoldLinQ website there is a ‘safety video’ that raises more questions than answers.

For instance, why are the l and q in GoldLinQ capitalised?

Why is there a q instead of a k?

Did someone’s toddler design the logo?

As for the video, it had incredibly insightful advice such as ‘never run out in front of trams’ and ‘always look both ways’.

Thank goodness they told me, I’d never have thought of checking where I was going when crossing a road.

The video then goes on to cartoonishly provide examples of the dangers of trams if people do not pay attention, complete with sound effects.

It was actually a bit creepy.

According to Goldlink (there, that looks better) the light rail, which has to obey traffic lights like normal motorists, can do 70kmh and travel from the Gold Coast University Hospital to Broadbeach in 37 minutes.

When I stopped laughing … oh wait, no, I’m still laughing.

Good luck with that.

Just think, if former mayor Ron Clarke had his way we’d now be zooming through air on elevated, driverless, space-age people pods guaranteed to get you from Southport to Broadbeach in just 12 minutes.

Oh, the good old days.





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