Light rail halted following tram crash in Surfers Paradise

EMERGENCY services are on the scene of a crash involving a G:link tram in Surfers Paradise.

The incident has occurred at the intersection of the Gold Coast Highway and Fern Street.

A witness told myGC a tram slammed into a car as it attempted to make an illegal U-turn at the intersection.


PHOTO: Paul Saunders

PHOTO: Paul Saunders

The vehicle reportedly turned straight into the tram’s path. The G:link’s horn could be heard sounding moments before impact.

Paramedics are on the scene treating a man believed to have been the driver of the car.

The man’s condition is not known, although he is believed to have escaped serious injury.

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PHOTO: Tarryn Avery

PHOTO: Tarryn Avery

No one on the tram was injured.

The intersection has been blocked while emergency services respond and crews work to remove the wreckage.

Light rail services have been suspended through the area.