Light rail line between Tweed and Coolangatta a step closer

A cross-border light rail line could soon become a reality with ambitious plans to eventually connect it up to the G:Link.

The New South Wales Government has today pledged to spend $1 million on the strategic planning of a route from the Tweed to Gold Coast Airport if it wins the March state election.

A recent feasibility study identified two potential routes, one from the Airport to Tweed North, and the second from the Airport to Tweed South.


New South Wales Transport Minister Andrew Constance was on the Tweed for the announcement, saying it will improve transport links between the Tweed and Coolangatta.

“There are some 30,000 trips made every day between Tweed and Coolangatta and most of these are made by car,” Mr Constance said.

“We know light rail would be game-changing for the area and it should not miss out on it because there is a state border between the towns.”

Mr Constance said the line could potentially integrate into the Gold Coast’s light rail network.

“Both routes would link the two centres and potentially further north with Gold Coast City Council planning to extend its light rail line to Burleigh and Coolangatta Airport in the future.”

Tweed MP Geoff Provest says the light-rail line would be a huge boost to the community on both sides of the border.

“This project will deliver huge benefits for the Tweed and I look forward to seeing improved cross-border connections,” Mr Provest said.