“Like feeding meat to a vegetarian”: NRL boss hits out at AFL’s attempt to win Qld fans

The NRL boss has lashed out at the AFL’s attempt to swipe fans, by staging this year’s grand final in Queensland.

It was finally confirmed yesterday that The Gabba will host the main event this year, after coronavirus forced the spectacle out of Melbourne for the first time ever.

The decision has already launched a barrage of criticism for the Queensland Premier, for allowing hundreds of AFL officials and their families into the state under exemptions, while continuing to keep strict border measures in place for everyone else.


But the ARL Commission Boss has brought up a separate attack on the AFL, challenging it to try to steal Queensland’s NRL fans.

Peter Vlandys has told Newscorp overnight that he can see what the AFL is trying to do, but it won’t work.

“It’s like feeding meat to a vegetarian. The vegetarian might try it for a few minutes but then goes back to being a vegetarian,” Vlandys said.

The boss had several choice words to add on the matter, calling Queensland ‘part of the parcel of rugby league’, despite an NRL grand final never being held here.

“Who cares? Queensland is rugby league heartland. As if some Cowboys fans in Cairns is going to start following the Brisbane Lions? I don’t think so,” Vlandys told Newscorp.

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The AFL boss Gil McLachlan has told Sunrise he’s not too worried about these comments.

Well, I think vegetarians probably want meat occasionally.

“We have, you know, we… acknowledge the NRL and what a great product they are, but a lot of Queenslanders like the AFL as well, and I think our ratings and our participation rates can justify that, but would it has been an unbelievable event for Queensland,” McLachlan said.