Like lambs to the slaughter: controversy erupts over MLA ad

Oops, they did it again. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has cooked up more controversy after launching its latest lamb advertising campaign.

This time they have brought together opposing divinities and prophets, including Jesus, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, Thor, Aphrodite and Lord Ganesha.

They are all sitting around a table in a backyard pergola, enjoying a casual barbecue.


According to the MLA website, the message they wanted to convey is “Lamb as the meat more people can eat regardless of their religious beliefs, background or dietary requirements”.

But, there’s one major oversight, which was quickly brought to the attention of the MLA when they proudly uploaded the commercial to their Facebook page.

Hindu god Lord Ganesha (main picture) does not eat meat, as pointed out by Anuj Gupta on Facebook.

“This is a disrespect to Hindu Religion, hurting our sentiments and a senseless campaign. Your team has got it to Totally wrong by implying Lord Ganesha is having Lamb at dinner table with other Gods.
For your information Hindu Gods and meat do not go together.”

However, self-described ‘millennial Hindu’ Abhi Sen has called the ad “perfectly fine”.

“But some older and more conservative members of the Australian Hindu community would not like it,” he writes, adding: “not all Hindus are vegetarian. And not all Hindus are Indian.”

The commercial has reportedly been referred to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

In a statement on the MLA website, Group Marketing Manager Andrew Howie explained: “Our marketing campaigns are informed by consumer data and insights, as well as learnings from past campaigns – and we are continually looking for improvements to create advertising that works and boosts preference and demand for Australian Lamb.”