We’re more likely to be killed by a croc than a shark: Lifesavers report

Swimmers in Queensland are more likely to die if they’re attacked by a crocodile than they are if they’re bitten by a shark.

A new report from Surf Life Saving Queensland shows over the last 10 years there have been 14 croc attacks across the state, with five of these being fatal.

In the same timeframe there have been 23 shark attacks recorded, with only two people dying.


After a spat of crocodile attacks in Northern Queensland, The Katter’s Australia Party called for new laws which would see crocodiles culled.

Bob Katter’s party wants to introduce laws which would allow safari-style hunting of crocodiles near remote Indigenous communities and the removal of crocodile eggs along the coast.

The suggestion of a “croc cull” has been dismissed by environmental experts who say there is not enough data available to prove this would work.