Lime to stay on Brisbane streets but with new competition

Lime Scooters will be allowed to stay on Brisbane streets, despite being dogged by safety concerns.

But it will have its numbers slashed by almost half, and it will have some new competition.

Brisbane City Council today announced operating permits for both Lime and the Sinagpore based company Neuron Mobility.


Neuron will be allowed to operate 600 scooters while Lime’s numbers have been cut from 750 to just 400.

Neuron currently operates around 300 scooters in Darwin.

The company’s CEO Zachary Wang says they’ve worked very closely with Council to ensure a number of improvements.

“Our scooter is able to automatically change its speed limit as it goes into low speed zones,” Mr Wang said.

“We also have, for example, no parking indicators that’s connected to the GPS and IOS system that we’ve built that informs the user if they’re not supposed to park their scooter in certain areas.”

Lime has welcomed their new permit despite the reduction in scooter numbers following the trial.

“Brisbane residents have spoken with their feet, racking up over a million rides in our first six months. This equates to removing over 500,000 cars trips from the road,” Public Affairs Manager Nelson Savanh said.

“Lime has paved the way for scooters in Australia and we have demonstrated our commitment to offering a safe, easy and green transport solution.”