LISTEN: Moyra & Big Trev catch up with Jessica Mauboy!

Moyra & Big Trev caught up with the one and only Jessica Mauboy this week on 1029 Hot Tomato.

She’s got plenty to talk (and sing) about! Have a listen to some of the details of her latest single ‘Automatic’, preparing another tour and… and maybe even a new ALBUM!

No matter how crazy busy life gets for her – Jess is still the same old Jess!

“I don’t think I could be anybody else — and you know, I’d probably get a flogging if I changed,” Jess told Moyra & Big Trev.

“It’s such a cultural thing, I’m brought up to respect my elders and everyone that paved the path for me and I try and abide by that as best I can.”

Listen to the full interview below!