LISTEN: White Rabbit Red Rabbit is coming to HOTA… and that’s all the info we’re allowed to know!

1029 Hot Tomato’s Emily Jade’s preparing to take part in a unique theatre production at HOTA, Home of the Arts this Friday night, but she hasn’t even seen the script!

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is a performance with no rehearsals, no director, a different actor each night, and a script waiting in a sealed envelope on stage.

Created by Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour, White Rabbit Red Rabbit is an audacious theatrical experiment and a potent reminder of the transgressive and transformative power of theatre.

HOTA, Home of the Arts has invited Emily Jade to take part this Friday night and she admits she’s pretty nervous!

“I must have been drinking when I agreed to this, but I’m glad you have you guys (Galey and Christo) are coming along but please come along and support me in something I’m really nervous about it,” Emily Jade said on 1029 Hot Tomato.

HOTA’s Program Director Virginia Hyam told Galey, Emily Jade and Christo that Emily Jade won’t know anything about the performance until she gets onto the stage in front of the audience.

“She’ll be handed a script that she’s never seen before and she’ll be in front of an audience performing that script,” Ms Hyam said.

“There’s a huge sense of trust that we’re not going to put her into a dangerous situation.

“There is one little thing – there will be an animal impression which will be a bit funny.

“I’ve given you a little bit of a hint but I can’t give any more away – that’s the whole idea. You come in there completely unknowing of what’s about to happen,” Ms Hyam said.

Very limited tickets are on sale for the performance this Friday night, May 13, at HOTA’s Basement.

Listen to the full chat below for more clues as to what’s in store for EJ.