Lite n’ Easy recalls frozen meals over possible metal contamination

Diet food delivery service Lite n’ Easy has issued a national recall of two of their pre-prepared frozen meals.

The Chargrilled Steak & Pepper Sauce (188) and Chargrilled Steak & Mushroom Sauce (189) with best before dates up to 18 October 2017, have been pulled from sale over fears they contain metal.

A recall notice posted on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website says the affected meals may have the “Presence of foreign matter (metal).”


“Food products containing metal may cause injury if consumed.”



Consumers have been urged not to eat the meal and to throw it in the bin.

“Dispose of the product in the general waste and contact Lite n’ Easy for a full refund,” the company says.

“Before disposing of the product, Lite n’ Easy request that consumers email of the lid showing the Best Before date to the email for your state below, along with your full name, phone number and delivery address so a $15 credit can be applied to your Lite n’ Easy account:

Victoria: sends e-mail)
South Australia: sends e-mail)
Queensland: sends e-mail)
Western Australia: sends e-mail)
New South Wales: