Little girl rushed to hospital after Gold Coast dog attack

A young girl has been hospitalised after being attacked by a dog on the northern Gold Coast.

It happened at a home in Pimpama around 8.00pm on Friday.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson told myGC the child suffered “multiple puncture wounds” to her arms, leg and chest.


She was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital, where she remains in a stable condition.

The breed of dog involved has not been revealed.

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Be a pitbull, easy

You might automatically assume that the breed is a pitbull or similar known ‘dangerous’ breed. But, a quick google of dog attacks demonstrates that ALL dog bite. The dog that bit a little girl in a Bunnings, shortly after that store chain opened its doors to dogs was a Jack Russell terrier. The dog lover in the USA that was killed by her “children” (dogs) was killed by a French bulldog.
Dogs treated like they aren’t animals seem more likely to attack than dogs that are treated like dogs. Treat a dog like it’s equal to humans won’t make the dog think it’s human. It will make the dog think that humans are dogs.

Check the stats. Pitbull bans save lives/limbs wherever they are implemented. FACT! Do your research…