Live venomous snakes smuggled into Australia in shoe boxes

A ‘bio-security sneaker’ has been busted attempting to smuggle a dangerous combination of live reptiles, tarantulas and scorpions into Australia using shoe boxes.

Australian Border Force officers came across the ‘moving’ parcel whilst x-raying the international mail consignment in Melbourne on March 14.

“A plethora of live reptiles and arachnids were uncovered, including six venomous vipers and two of what is believed to be the world’s third–largest tarantula,” Border Officers said in a statement.


ABF Regional Commander Victoria, James Watson, said the detection was a great example of Australia’s border security processes.

“It just goes to show you no two days are the same for ABF officers,” Commander Watson said.

“We are always finding new and unusual things that people are trying to smuggle into the country.

“Whether it be drugs, firearms, illicit tobacco or in this case snakes and spiders, our officers are well trained to identify anything suspicious coming across the border.”

The matter of the package of exotic reptiles and arachnids is being investigated.