LNP critical ahead of release of Qld budget

The LNP has lashed out at Labor’s plan for the Queensland economy, before the Budget is officially released.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Treasurer Curtis Pitt have contradicted one another on how a key budget policy to attract new businesses to Queensland will work.

“Last week the Treasurer grossly miscalculated the impact of his own tax hike and yesterday the Premier couldn’t explain a key budget announcement,” Mr Emerson said.


“When pressed for details on her new business attraction policy, the Premier clearly ruled out tax breaks for interstate businesses.

“That was until the Treasurer stepped up, and told the media that the policy did include tax breaks.

“Soon after, it was the Treasurer’s turn to stuff up when he couldn’t explain how the policy would be funded.

“It reads like a script straight out of Monty Python. Neither the Premier nor the Treasurer had any straight answers at their own announcement.

“What hope have we got of attracting businesses to our state if the Premier can’t properly explain a key policy and the Treasurer can’t get his numbers right?”

Mr Emerson said the business community clearly had no confidence in the government’s economic management.

“There has been a chorus of criticism from industry since the Palaszczuk Government walked away from its election commitment not to introduce any new taxes,” he said.

“Instead of opening the door for business, this government is slamming the door shut and Queenslanders will be the losers as jobs and business confidence dry up.

“Only the LNP has the experience and competence to power up the economy, generate jobs and Get Queensland Moving.”

The Queensland Budget will be released on Tuesday afternoon.