LNP launches ambitious plan to target Gold Coast hoons

The state opposition’s unveiled a bold new plan to target hooning on the Gold Coast.

If elected in October, the LNP is promising over $1 million in funding, which would include up to 100 new CCTV cameras in hooning hotspots.

It comes as local communities cry out for help, with a lack of resources allowing gangs to terrorise certain neighbourhoods.


The funding would roll out more cameras, as well as a new tyre-shredding technology that could literally put a stop to the behaviour.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington says it’s also important that tough new laws be brought in.

“It’s time to get tough on these hoons because right now they’re laughing at the law and the soft Palaszczuk Labor Government,” Ms Frecklington said.

“My plan will get hoons off our streets and make communities safe again.”

The LNP’s plan includes:

  • 100 new covert CCTV cameras: Based on a successful initiative in WA, the cameras will be located in hooning hotspots and provide a direct feed to police stations and officer iPads across Queensland. A future LNP Government will provide $750,000 to fund the scheme.
  • Tyre-shredding road surfaces in burnout hotspots: The LNP will fund the $500,000 roll-out of an anti-skid road treatment being trialled by Brisbane City Council. The road surface quickly erodes rubber when a car performs a burn-out or skids, but causes no damage when vehicles are driven appropriately. The roll-out would enable 40 burnout hotspots to be treated.
  • Anti-hooning gang laws: The LNP will introduce a new offence to apply specifically to members of established hooning gangs. The offence will impose an additional 3-year driving ban on hoons whose cars are impounded, immobilised or confiscated, rising to 5 years for repeat offenders.

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Yes one of many promises coming our way!
How many will be delivered and over what time frame.
Good luck getting a new offence put in place.
If it was that simple it would of been implemented already, too many do-gooders who block these type of laws.