M1 Traffic - PHOTO: Supplied by Shelley O'Connor

LNP launches bold new second highway plan for GC

The LNP’s introduced a radical new idea to help alleviate the constant traffic issues plaguing the M1.

Liberal and Nationals Party leader Tim Nicholls has launched a petition calling for a second motorway on the Gold Coast.

Mr Nicholls said the first stage of the second M1 should be along an already preserved corridor extending 36.5 kilometres between Stapylton-Jacobs Well Road at Staplyton and Nerang-Broadbeach Road in Nerang.


“It’s time for a second M1,” he said.

“With only a single dual lane bridge over the Pimpana, Nerang and Coomera Rivers, any accident means the M1 is a parking lot within minutes.

“This would be a truly transformative project for southeast Queensland. The corridor is largely preserved, it just needs a State Government with the intestinal fortitude to commit and get it done.”

The proposed highway would have at least four lanes and could include facilities for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

“It would be a game changer for the northern Gold Coast and ease the burden on the current M1,” Mr Nicholls said.

The RACQ has also thrown its support behind the scheme.

The Club’s spokesperson Paul Turner said more than 140,000 vehicles travelled on the M1 every day and an alternative corridor would relieve some of the pressure.


LNP Member for Coomera Michael Crandon said building work could begin quickly on the second M1 if the Labor Government committed funding.

“Upgrades and widening are important but the M1 will reach capacity in the next 10 years so that is why today we are calling on the Labor Government to start building an alternative arterial road to get people out of constant traffic,” he said.

LNP Member for Gaven Sid Cramp said the project would provide an alternative north-south route to the Pacific Motorway.

“The second M1 could be built in stages and work could commence in months if the funding is found,” Mr Cramp said.

However, Gold Coast Labor Senator Murray Watt has rubbished the opposition’s plan.

“The LNP’s stunt today, means absolutely nothing,” he said.

“When Tim Nicholls was Campbell Newman’s treasurer he did not spend a single cent on upgrading the M1 … Every Gold Coast LNP member of parliament  had three years (under Campbell Newman) to do something about upgrading the M1.”

A second M1 would be a multi-million dollar build which would likely require state and federal funding.

The LNP refused to commit to the project at this stage if his party wins the upcoming Queensland election.

“We wouldn’t be standing here now if we didn’t believe this was a worthwhile project, but we’re not the government at the moment,” Mr Nicholls said.

“In terms of the election, I simply say to Annastacia Palaszczuk, stop playing games, stop mucking around with people’s future and name the election date.”

Mr Nicholls is urging Gold Coasters to sign his petition here.