LNP launches scathing attack on Queensland Premier over border exemptions

LNP leaders from all levels of government have launched a coordinated and scathing attack on the Queensland Premier, over the controversial border exemptions this week.

Two particular exemption requests have gone public, gaining nationwide attention, with the Queensland government facing heavy criticism on both.

First, the four young kids of a terminally ill Brisbane father were denied entry into the state to say their final goodbyes.


Then, a young Canberra woman even drew an emotional plea from the Prime Minister, so that she could be let out of hotel quarantine to attend her father’s funeral in Brisbane yesterday.

This morning, multiple LNP members have come out in a seemingly united attack of the Queensland Premier, saying she’s gone too far with the exemptions.

Local Gold Coast Member Angie Bell told myGC the Premier has made the borders all about herself this week.

“It is disappointing to me, that the Premier continues to make it about herself, and on a day that Sarah just wanted to go to her dad’s funeral, Annastacia Palaszczuk just made it about herself, and that is wrong to me.

“The Prime Minister – I know for a fact – has reached out to the Premiers on dozens of cases of individuals who’ve had difficulty in this area, but yesterday we saw this one go public through the Premier’s office.

“I think it’s time she started thinking about others rather than herself,” Ms Bell said.

Similarly, Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham, Queensland LNP leader Deb Frecklington, and the Home Affairs Minister have all shared their disappointment with the Queensland Premier.

“It’s time for the Queensland Premier not to make it about her or her position or the Prime Minister and the way he goes about his job,” Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham told the ABC. 

“But to think about the individual cases. All you’ve got here is the Prime Minister having asked the Queensland Premier to show compassion, to a 26-year-old woman whose father had died and who wanted to attend his funeral.
“Coming from the ACT, a region that has not had a positive case for 62 days. Now if exemptions can’t be granted in those circumstances, someone needs to look again at the exercise of their exemption power,” he said.
“The Premier has turned the borders into political weapon and has to stop. We need consistency, compassion and common sense,” Queensland LNP leader Deb Frecklington told Sunrise.
“The Premier cannot turn the border wars into this political war just for her own votes.
“It is about time the Premier of Queensland stop playing the victim card and actually thought about how some of these decisions are really hurting other people,” she said.

“The Premier is making these reasons, not based on health advice, but based on the fact that we have an election coming up at the end of October,” Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton told The Today Show.

“The Prime Minister feels very deeply about this, as we all do. We don’t want to see people suffering and the Premier is making these decisions not in a consistent way.

“So if you reason AFL executive, no problems, you can spend your two weeks by the pool and on the golf course, but somebody coming up to a funeral of their mum or dad or their daughter or son is not permitted to travel across the border. It is crazy and it needs to stop,” he said.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young fronted the media yesterday, with various explanations over this week’s exemptions,.
While LNP members continue to flood media outlets accusing the Queensland Premier of playing politics, the Premier herself has only addressed state parliament on the issue.
She said she will continue to take the advice of the Chief Health Officer and that there was nothing she could do about the exemption issues.
Ms Palaszczuk herself became emotional on the floor, saying her job has been a continuous battle to keep Queenslanders safe.
“I never thought in my life time I’d have to deal with a pandemic, and every single day it’s tough.
“And every single day, everyone on my side of the house is fighting to keep people alive. That’s what we’re trying to do.
“And then we’re fighting to get people back into jobs,” the Premier said.