LNP promises 535 new police officers if elected

The LNP says they’ll commit more frontline officers across Queensland and upgrade police equipment if elected on November 25.

The Tim Nicholls led opposition has promised to introduce 535 frontline police over the next three years, at a cost of $108 million.

“The additional frontline officers form part of the LNP’s commitment to providing police with the resources they need to keep Queenslanders safe,” Mr Nicholls said in a statement.


The opposition is planning to put $22 million into improving police equipment, this includes a helicopter for North Queensland, body armour, cameras and new weapons.

Mr Nicholls is also touting a new “drone squad” which will help monitor large-scale events, like the Commonwealth Games and State of Origin.

Under the LNP’s proposal, officers would be equipped with eight “drone guns” capable of shooting down remote-controlled aircraft, which could pose a threat to public safety.

Shadow Police Minister Tim Mander said they’re committed to keeping the state as safe as possible.

“Queenslanders want a government that will keep their streets and communities safe,” he said.