LNP ramps up their M1 election promises

The LNP has promised to invest $100 million in improving the ramps onto and off the M1 if elected.

The state’s busiest stretch of road has been a major focus for both parties in the lead up to the November 25 state election.

Alongside proposing to build a new stretch of motorway east of the current M1, Tim Nicholls said they’ll improve exit and entry ramps on the current motorway.


“The M1 is the state’s busiest road but all too often it is clogged with traffic reduced to a crawl, delaying motorists from getting to work and returning home to their families,” Mr Nicholls told reporters at Movie World.

“Traffic backs up on exit ramps, sometimes queueing onto the motorway, creating a safety and congestion issue.”

The opposition will focus on improving the on and off-ramps on the northern parts of the Gold Coast.

However, Minister for Main Roads Mark Bailey said the government is already carrying out that work.

“We’ve already seen a commitment by the Palaszcuzk Government to upgrade the Oxenford interchange, we’ve also started and finished upgrading the Coomera exit, which didn’t get started under the LNP,” he said.