LNP slammed for ‘ganging up’ on Queensland’s border closures

The Queensland Premier is preparing for a barrage of attacks, when National Cabinet meets again today.

Border closures are tipped to dominate discussions once again, with pressure continuing to mount on the Sunshine State to relax restrictions with New South Wales.

Despite various other states having similar border measures in place, the Sunshine State continues to cop the brunt of criticism from federal politicians.


Annastacia Palaszczuk admitted to reporters on Friday it had been taking a toll.

“I get out of bed every day and do my job but my family are very upset .. But I tell them to hang in there,” the Premier said.

“It is relentless. It is intimidating. But I will not be intimidated.”

Ms Palaszczuk continues to stick by her pledge to keep the border closures in place until Victoria and NSW got on top of their community transmission.

“I think it’s a bit disingenuous for this heightened criticism that is coming from a whole lot of levels when our fundamental concern is to look after Queenslanders and to make sure that they are safe during this time,” she said.

“There is a high risk, when there is an outbreak, of it going into our aged care homes. I do not want to see what has happened in our aged care sector in NSW and in Victoria happen here in Queensland.

“That would be a nightmare. These are people’s families.

“Victoria and NSW need to get everything under control then and them the whole country can open up. It’s a very simple.

She also defended her Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young, who makes most of the decision regarding the borders.

“I think what people are forgetting is the Chief Health Officers speak regularly and work through these issues. There is a lot of work what happens behind the scenes that the public don’t see.”

The Premier was also forced to defend the decision to allow hundreds of AFL officials into the state without having to go through the two-week hotel quarantine like everyone else.

Instead they will be able to enter the ‘AFL bubble’ at luxury hotels on the Gold Coast.

“Whoever won that grand final would have had the exact same restrictions put in place,” The Premier said.

“These were national agreements, agreed by the National Cabinet and the health professionals.

“It’s almost as if we’re being singled out because we won it.”

Earlier, Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey claimed the LNP was purposely ‘ganging up’ on state government, and are playing politics with a very serious issue.

“The Queensland LNP are collaborating with their federal LNP friends to gang up on Queensland, it’s not what people want to see,” Minister Bailey told myGC.

“The Premier’s been very strong on this, we’ll keep acting on the health advice, to protect Queenslanders and protect the economy.”

It follows criticism from NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who said Queensland’s calls for NSW to go 28 days without a community transmission case before borders can re-open, was ‘too tall of an order’.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever get to that case, to that number. They’re (Qld) putting on a pretty big ask during a pandemic, and I’ll ask them to look closely at that,” Ms Berejiklian said.

State and territory leaders are now meeting once every fortnight at National Cabinet, to discuss issues around coronavirus throughout the country.

The Prime Minister is once again expected to heap pressure on those with harsh restrictions still in place, in the hopes of developing a more consistent, national approach.

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Unfortunately Annastacia has backed herself into a corner with double standards.
One for the good of the community the other for her ego. I.e. AFL.
Whist hundreds of thousands are going to the wall, she has catered to the whims of a few thousand.
The majority of tickets for this AFL event will be for sponsor’s, family and officials who in most cases will need to come into QLD from known hot spots.
How many will slip through the quarantine process is unknown but by the time any positive cases are realized the election will be over.
Then further restrictions will be put on Queenslanders well into the Christmas period.
Just lost our family’s votes.

Anastacia is running for election so will do ANYTHING if it looks like a few more votes.I dont believe the “majority ” of Queenslanders are for the border closures, we are being played for mugs

Its a load of bulls*** .. she is allowing this afl crap but im not allowed a single support person for pregnancy, not even my husband.
I hope she has the book thrown at her.

This is about saving life’s Rebecca how are you!!!

Do you wants hundreds and thousands of Queenslander dead????

That’s what will happen if we open our border.

Our economy is doing just fine and we need to put the Heath and safety of Queenslanders first

Lynda even in Victoria the deaths are less than a normal flue year, no country has hundreds of thousands dying .The UK and Europe have flights in and out of the areas yet we cant allow farmers to harvest across borders ,its all a political issue not a health one

More people have died of suicide, influenza, heart attack and cancer – there is no pandemic it is all just a load of s… you need to apologise to Rebecca as having a baby is about life

And how will Rebecca feel is her newborn dies of the virus? Lots of babies and children have already died across the world and even children who have recovered have been left with heart and lung problems. It’s not just old people. Do your research. And I wish people would stop comparing this to the flu. It’s a completely different and more deadly virus. There has already been more deaths worldwide in 7 months than there has been in one year of the flu. There is no vaccine, no real treatment, and we are still in the height of this world plague. If you honesty believe there is no pandemic, I guess that makes you much smarter than all the scientist and doctors who have university degrees and decades of experience behind them? What are your qualifications? Or perhaps you just prefer to follow all the conspiracy theories as an excuse for not having the backbone to knuckle down and deal with our current situation.

Fake news! No kids under the age of 18 have died FROM the virus. Kids may have died and had it, but it is not the cause of death. Do your own research .

No you do yours rather than spout off about something you clearly know nothing about. 2 months ago a 12 day baby with no underlying health problems died in hospital in the UK, of Covid. Since then medics all over the world have discovered some children who have recovered from covid are left with serious health problems. You clearly only know Australian news .But fake news? If you think that then you have a fake brain. Don;t bother replying. I have better things to do that play with idiots.

Yesterday – she’ll review the borders at the end of September even though the people of Mungindi could no longer buy food after their supermarket burnt down. Today, after a major backlash, Moree is added to the bubble. It really shows that she’ll only make a change when she’s at risk of losing votes.

Well she has my vote – she has done an amazing job for our great state – for the anti Queenslanders – we are almost free due to our hard border

The majority of Queenslanders are quite happy with our hard border

Leave her alone – she’s just putting the health and safety of us Queenslanders first!

Why would she put the needs of NSW residents before us Queenslanders

It’s our state, our economy and our people.

Keep that border closed – Premier your doing an amazing but tough job

I agree. I might not like her politics, but she has the balls to stand and fight like other female first ministers in other countries where they have had success in lowering their numbers. Numbers only rise when others arrive from other countries or regions. And until Victoria and NSW gets their situation under control, there will be no trans tasman air bubble for any of Australia which means thousands of people will go even longer without being able to see their families. We used to have a reputation of being a hard tough living nation. Not any more. it seems to be full of whinging self entitled people stamping their feet and complaining because they can’t get what they want. I exclude those businesses doing it tough.

The premier says keep borders closed to protect the economy ….what economy is left now ? – she saw to that – socialism at its early stages. Prime Minister needs to step in.

She says she protection Queensland what a joke put the P O L I C E back on the roads where they belong.Idiots are having a ball on the roads.Also she doesn’t want politicians like sco mo coming to talk about the next election. Worst premier ever

cant wait to vote her out

The enemy is the virus. Our only current real defence is to let it fall apart in the space between us. If we give it bodies to infect it can swiftly bring a country to its knees (America economy down 30%). It’s unlike any other regular flu, car accidents or other threat in that it grows exponentially.

I personally thank the state leaders for taking the difficult actions they have under enormous pressure and without the full support of federal government.

There aren’t many popular political positions to take on this. If you go hard and early and your strategy works and the public remain healthy then it looks like an over reaction. If it starts infecting hundreds a day, you didn’t go hard enough.

I for one am with the 84% of Queenslanders (Newspoll Sept2020) in favour of the border closures. Until there is a national strategy for eradication or a vaccine it is the best way to provide a protective bubble for the QLD economy and our health.

We have to work together with what we have to beat the virus, and please be kind to each other.

Vote her out

“Karen”. Figures.

she is out of touch with australians and how people are suffering with this totalitarian style of politics

What suffering?. I see cafes and restaurants busy every day. Shops and supermarkets are almost back to normal. People are at the beach or boating, surfing, fishing, having bbq’s, going to the cinema, beauty salons, and keeping in touch with family in other regions and countries through messenger and skype. We also have toilet roll. Yippee. And since our PM has just announced no region will be forced to open its borders, he seems to be on board as well. Or is he out of touch too as he states he HOPES the borders will be open by xmas but its no way near definite. Farmers and those who have suffered in the bush fires or drought are the aussies doing it tough but you don[t hear them whinging. Learn to count your blessings. We are lucky to have the freedom we do have.

You go girl don’t listen to those idiots only trying to get votes never thinking about the people