LNP slams Qld govt for cancelling budget and destroying jobs

The state opposition has hit out at the government over its decision to cancel the 2020 budget, saying that road infrastructure projects and jobs will suffer.

The LNP says that the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program won’t be able to continue without a budget, causing the road maintenance backlong to increase further.

It comes after the state government announced $400 million for road projects around the state, as part of its coronavirus recovery plan to create jobs.


But the opposition says that more than $5.4 billion of road maintenance work is now overdue across the state.

That includes around $2.4 billion in the southeast alone.

Shadow Transport Minister Steve Minnikin says the refusal of a state budget will throw the roads investment program into chaos.

“Labor has cancelled the Budget because it wants to dodge scrutiny before the next state election.

“Labor’s refusal to present a Budget is bad for democracy and it will be dire for Queensland’s roads program too.

“The Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP) cannot continue indefinitely without a Budget.

“Contractors will not consider projects which are unfunded and the Commonwealth will not provide co-funding without State Budget approval.

“We have Budgets for a reason. Governments cannot function without them.

“Labor’s arrogant and unjustified decision to cancel the Budget will cause chaos for contractors, lead to road projects being delayed and will worsen congestion.

“Most damagingly of all, cancelling the Budget will also cost jobs.

“Labor has no plan and no Budget for Queensland, right in the middle of a jobs crisis,” Mr Minnikin said.

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