LNP unveils tough new plan to target youth offenders

The LNP has unveiled bold new plans to crack down on youth crime, if they win the state election in October.

It includes a handful of community pay back farms across the state, where offenders would be taught discipline and learn new skills.

While amendments will also be made to the Youth Justice Act so that youths are forced into detention if convicted of a third offence.


Youth offenders on bail would also be monitored 24/7, and youth bail houses will be scrapped.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington told myGC it’s critical that Gold Coasters, and Queenslanders more broadly, can feel safe in their own community.

“It’s a comprehensive youth crime plan to tackle youth crime, very importantly protect our community and back our police.

“We cannot lose any more lives to this out of control youth crime crisis, that’s happened under a Labor government.

“Unfortunately crime has just gone through the roof in the last five years because Labor is soft on crime  – it always has been, always will be.

“And people in Queensland, and people on the Gold Coast, deserve a safe place to live and the youth need to know that if you do the crime you will end up doing the time,” Ms Frecklington said.

It comes after the LNP also promised a harsher crack down on hooning last week, which has also been plaguing Gold Coast communities.

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LNP Leader Deb Frecklington says the party is very focused on targeting crime as it heads into October’s state election.

“It’s important that the people of the Gold Coast know what the LNP’s policies are, whether it’s hooning, youth offending, whether it’s bringing back the criminal gang laws that have been taken away under Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“Crime is an issue unfortunately at the moment under the Labor government, and that’s what the LNP want to change,” Ms Frecklington said.

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A couple of farms, Really!
How about getting magistrates to stop being so soft on these criminals.

They need to learn respect for others and property. We have been soft with them for over 20 years. So the generations now do not understand these qualities

This amounts to nothing more than Campbell Newman’s Boot Camps, which proved themselves to be a $2.4 Million Failure. Why does our state government (LNP & Labor) continue to fail to listen to the real experts, Community organisations that have been tackling this problem successfully, but without the necessary government support to have widespread effect. #stemthetide #newbeginningsinternational

and why didnt they do that under Newman, thats right they say one thing do another. look at their stuff up over the rail network. get new trains build that are not able to be used by Disabled. they sacked nurses, now complain about the hospitals. Complain about the schools after they reduced funding and teacher numbers. They complain about the borders being closed why cause they dont give a stuff about the people of queensland as long as their supporters can make money in business to fund them like Clive Palmer and other criminals in queensland that dont pay their staff the right amount of money. Sorry I take the LNP promises as complete lies as they havent proved there selves to be a trusted political party and after all how many have been through the icac and also have been kicked from the party of late. Plus federally they have a PM that deserted the country in a national disaster for an hawaiian holiday and tax payer money to get his family out of the smoke. come on no wonder they were associated with the Australian Maffia in Melbourne.

Well the issue must be to get rid of the joke that is the Judiciary, not sur if they are just drug addicted, alcholics or what, but one thing is for certain they do not do anything to prevent crime.