Local agency launches epic BMW soundtrack

A SPELLBINDING soundtrack made up entirely of “pings and dings” recorded from a BMW is gaining momentum online. 

The project drives a digital cinema brand campaign for Brisbane’s Motorline BMW, headed by full-service Burleigh Heads agency Zakazukha Marketing Communications.

Brisbane composer Timothy Fairless put together the track with nothing but pings and dings he recorded from three vehicles – a BMW 428i coupe, 520d sedan and X5 30d SUV.


Fairless built a working percussion set from boot slams and indicator clicks, used electronic sounds from the dashboards for melodies and cribbed vocals from the cars’ voice recognition system.BMW 4

The piece carries the BMW brand throughout: the music even timed to 94 beats per minute – the frequency of all BMW’s indicators.

Zakazukha Creative director Sam Cleveland conceived and directed the campaign’s central piece of video content, titled Continue to Drive.

“Keeping the form of the piece loose gave Tim space to create something a lot of people will appreciate and seek out, without it feeling overly commercial,” says Cleveland.

“The campaign positions Motorline as an innovative brand that recognises and supports Queensland talent.


“The music had to reflect the BMW aesthetic – which to me is ‘refined and easy on the eye’ – so I went for something balanced, crisp and precise-sounding, with a strongly defined hook, something easy to listen to.”

Cleveland says the complexity and precision of Fairless’s score presented a serious storytelling challenge in post-production.

“Tim’s soundtrack is work of the highest standard, so good in fact that I was scrambling in the edit to underline that he used no synthesisers and no instruments, just sounds from the cars,” he says.

The spot will be rolled out online ahead of a cinema advertising launch in select Brisbane markets later this year.