Local garbo brings Christmas joy to two young Gold Coasters

Santa Claus has come early for two little boys, in the form of Brad the garbage truck driver from JJ Richard’s and Sons.

Archie and Hudson are two brothers from Nerang, aged two and four, and they absolutely adore garbage trucks.

So much so that they spend every Thursday morning waiting for the garbage truck to come, and when it arrives, they always run out to greet it.


The boys spend the rest of their week listening to the garbage truck song, watching cartoons of garbage trucks and even pretending they ARE garbage trucks.

So when their Aunty Nicole was planning their Christmas presents… she picked up the phone and called JJ’s, to see if she could make their garbage truck dreams a reality.

“It was a long shot, but I called JJ Richard’s and sons on 24th of October to see if there was something I could organize for the boys for Christmas.

“I got a call back on 29th of November saying that they were more than happy to organize a day for the boys to ride in a garbage truck and also bring them some merchandise.

“I was thrilled and over the moon because I know how much this will mean to the boys.

“What made it even more special is they were happy to do it free of charge to make sure these boys have a day to remember,” Aunty Nicole told myGC.

The day finally came yesterday, when the boys were just waiting for the usual garbage truck visit.

“When we got the knock on the door by Andrew McNamara with a bag full of little bins and drink bottles and a hat each and some foam trucks, Hudson jumped out the front door with his “offical garbage man hat” on.

“Andrew had arranged for the boys to ride around the street and pick up the garbage bins with their local driver (Brad).

“You couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces and the excitement they had! It was the best day and best Christmas present they could have received and it wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful help of JJ Richard’s and sons company,” Nicole said.

Brad and the boys in the truck! PHOTO | Supplied

Hudson with his new toys in the truck PHOTO | Supplied

Archie in the truck PHOTO | Supplied

Not sure how Father Christmas is going to top this present! Merry Christmas boys!