Local koala keeper inspiring young conservationists with new book

Gold Coast koala keeper Sarah Eccleston is on a mission to raise the next generation of koala conservationists.

The Koala Specialist and Mammal Supervisor at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has released a new book that helps to educate children about how to protect the local koala population.

Have You Seen a Tree for Me? follows the journey of Enzo – a real Koala born and bred at the Sanctuary – who is looking for a tree of his own.


Sarah helped raise three-year-old Koala Enzo since he was a joey and it was their special bond that inspired her to put pen to paper.

“He’s just such a character! He’s so adventurous! He’s the kind of Koala that, in the wild, would get into strife. But he’s one of the lucky ones, because he was born in a sanctuary, so he’s safe,” she said.

The story is for children aged between 3 and 10 years old, and teaches them how to keep koalas safe.

“Just little things – keep your dog locked up at night time, plant a tree in your backyard, drive carefully when you’re in Koala habitat. And they’re little things that the kids can nag about to their mums and dads,” she said.

“Some of the most important Koala habitat on the Gold Coast is just disappearing before our eyes. I really just want to save these guys. That’s my passion. I’ve done my part now, so I need to leave a legacy to ensure that the younger generation are looking after them into the future.”

The book will be available at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary gift shop, QBD bookstores, and online. Copies are available for online pre-order now at currumbinsanctuary.com.au