Local MP urges family, staff to come forward about Earle Haven

Family, former staff members, medical professionals and other industry bodies are being urged to come forward with information about Gold Coast nursing home Earle Haven.

Member for Gaven, Meaghan Scanlon, took to Facebook overnight to put the call out to the community.

It comes after it was confirmed that the Queensland Parliament’s inquiry into aged care will now look into the Nerang nursing home, which suddenly closed last month leaving more than 70 elderly patients stranded.


In a video, Ms Scanlon revealed that the committee will take an additional two days of hearings purely dedicated to finding out what happened at Earle Haven.

“Today I just received an email from Aaron Harper, who’s the chair of the committee, to inform me that in addition to the hearing on September 10, there will be another two additional days of hearings just focused on Earle Haven,” she said.

“So he has asked me to spread the word to anyone that has any information that lead to the events that unfolded at Earle Haven to come forward.”

In a statement on Friday, the State Government revealed they will “use all of its coercive powers” to get to the bottom of what went on at the now closed nursing home.

Mr Harper said the Earl Haven crisis is a “national shame” and vowed to ensure it never happens again.

“We feel for every one of the former residents and staff from Earle Haven and their families whose lives have been turned upside down over recent weeks. Everyone deserves answers. Our priority is to ensure what has happened at Earle Haven doesn’t happen to other homes and residents,” he said.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the investigation by emailing careinquiry@parliament.qld.gov.au is being assured that all submissions will be protected by parliamentary privilege.