Locals angered after GC Council bans popular activities in Burleigh Park

Controversy has erupted after an image of a new Gold Coast City Council sign banning a range of popular activities in Burleigh Park was posted on social media.

The new signs were only installed in the area on Monday, however have already caused widespread fury among locals.

According to City of Gold Coast, bongo drums, fire twirling and slacklining is no longer allowed, despite a local group of performers having entertained locals and tourists in the popular park for years.


Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says the reason behind the ban is recent unsavory behavior from a number of individuals, who have now spoiled it for everyone else.

“The park is for everyone, but there has been a safety issue on this group and they wouldn’t abide by our laws,” the Mayor said.

“No one wants to see the bongo drum activity cease – but unsavoury behaviour from a fringe group is ruining it for everyone.

“Ensuring public safety is the No 1 priority.”

It’s understood the unsavory behaviour relates to alcohol, drug-use, noise and mess.

Mayor Tate confirmed local area Councillor, Cr Pauline Young, is dealing with the issue.

“At the end of the day its an operational parks matter and amenity issue as the parks are for everyone. The local area Councillor is dealing with it and I have every confidence she will resolve it for all concerned,” he said.

“I hope that in the near future the sign can come down and we can drum on!”

myGC have approached Cr Young for comment.

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What a load of crap – they cant monetize this for the games so they’ve put these signs up after asking for it to be shut down (which everyone agreed to) as a deterrent from free family fun. Now that there is massive backlash they’ve pulled antisocial antisocial behaviour out of their bag of tricks. Pretty sure putting a sign prohibiting a family friendly event that has been going strong for 17 years os antisocial behaviour at its finest.