Locals fed up with hoons causing carnage on Gold Coast streets

Residents in Varsity Lakes are furious and fed up with hoons continuing to cause carnage in the area.

An angry local has taken to a community Facebook page to vent her frustration over youngsters speeding through the street and crashing through fences.

The latest incident happened this week and saw a car crash through a fence and end up in a backyard on Cumberland Drive and Silvabank Drive.


The resident who published the Facebook post says police, paramedics and fire fighters attended the scene this time.

She also said she’s tried to bring the issue up with Council before.

“A few years back I complained to council about this corner and was told there was no issue, well I think council is very wrong.

“Time for action Gold Coast city council before my children and the ones that catch their school bus here everyday are killed?,” the post read.

It’s believed the driver ended up in hospital with serious spine injuries.

Councillor Hermann Vorster said in a Facebook post says that he’s spoken to concerned residents, and that this incident must not be tolerated.

“Hoons put lives at risk — they can kill”

“We can’t outlaw stupidity. But we owe it to our family and neighbours to do whatever we can!” the post reads.

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4215 aswell, its a racetrack here on a daily basis.roadracing,high speed night time power runs, drag racing, drifting after the rain, racing the red lights, burnouts and motorcycles with no mufflers on racing.. reported to police again and again, even stopping police to tell them, but i get the same old chestnut reply -” we havent got enough police we are all dealing with DV ..” ” you will have to get onto the council to put speed bumps in”- lmfao on that one… using the tools you are supplied with (police vehicle/radar guns) is more cost effective- but later in the day you see the police strolling around surfers, or lazing around in squad cars going after easy prey… if i did my job with the enthusiasm they do, i would have been sacked long ago. ‘ignore it, it will go away’ -should be the gold coast police motto.

Hi i grew up in Acacia Ridge in the 1970s, low income family, removed myself to the Gold Coast i the mid eighties. Became confident and found work and the story continues. This area is bringing back memories of my child hood. Morons in cars and bikes , no police , no roadworthy checks, goes on all the time. Those new cameras are for show. Have look at the burnout marks on all the streets. Wait for them and start to fine these idiots and take there vehicles. Too hard i think.