Locals urged to go easy on Easter indulgence

WE’RE being urged to take it easy on the Easter indulgences and stay safe this holiday period.

Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Foundation Chair Dr David Rosengren said hospital emergency departments will deal with an extraordinary range of injuries and illnesses throughout Easter.

“With more people relaxing, indulging and spending time outdoors comes a higher chance of accidents or injuries,” Dr Rosengren said.


“Cuts, breaks, burns, head injuries- emergency departments treat them all and we have to be prepared.

“Also high on the Easter Danger list is the quad bike, particularly for young people,” he said.

Dr Rosengren urged Queenslanders to be careful and pay extra attention to supervising children, campfires, water activities, storing food (especially seafood) and drinking alcohol.

“The Easter injuries we deal with are usually avoidable so we all need to be vigilant.”

“Although you’d be hard pressed to overdo chocolate eggs, be wary of any unusual symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.”