Locals urged to register parties with police this festive season

PLANNING on having a party this silly season?

Witth the end of school and Christmas festivities fast approaching, Police are reminding locals to register any parties with them.

Gold Coast District Acting Chief Superintendent Damien Crosby said that registering your party provides police with the opportunity to supply you with advice and resources to help in organising a safe and lawful party.


“Registering your party also ensures that if things do go wrong on the night, police have the information necessary to quickly and effectively deal with any issues.

“Once you have registered your party, police can provide you with a Party Safe poster and non-reusable Party Safe wristbands, to use on the night.

“The Party Safe wristbands help make identification of invited guests easier and the Party Safe poster helps you let everyone know that your party has been registered with local police.

“Be responsible when organising a party and let police know. Don’t let a celebration turn into a disaster,” said Acting Chief Superintendent Crosby.

[signoff icon=”icon-pin”]How to register your party?
You can register at your local police station using the Party Safe Registration Form or via the online Party Safe Online Registration Form.

The address and contact details for your local police station can be located via the Queensland Police Station Locator or in your local White Pages.

Try and register your party at least two weeks beforehand so that police are able to supply you with all your Party Safe wristbands and other helpful information well in time for your party.[/signoff]