Locals urged to sign petition to get radio back online

GOLD Coasters are being urged to sign a petition against additional fees being charged to radio stations who wish to stream online.

Since February this year, a number of local stations have been forced to turn off online streaming due to overwhelming licencing fees.

Additional fees are being charged because there is ambiguity around whether online broadcasting is a ‘simulcast’ or a completely ‘separate broadcast’.


Angus Moody started the online petition on change.org in the hope of getting Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull to issue a Determination to end the ambiguity that is preventing many stations from streaming online.

“I’m urging you to sign this petition, I am also asking you to share it among your family and friends. In particular, make it clear to the Federal Government and especially the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull to end the ambiguity that is preventing over 200 commercial radio stations from streaming over the internet,” Moody wrote in a comment on the petition.

For more information and to sign the petition, click here.