Locals urged to stay ‘gas safe’ this Easter

FOR those who might have a lovely barbeque planned over the Easter long weekend, you’re being reminded to stay ‘gas safe’ when using portable gas appliances.

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps said portable gas appliances were popular during holidays and long weekends as Queenslanders headed outdoors for backyard barbecues, to local beaches or popular camping spots.

“LPG cylinders and portable appliances such as barbecues, refrigerators and camping stoves, can cause serious harm or death if they are not used, stored or transported safely,” Mr Cripps said.


“These appliances are designed to be used outdoors only and should not be operated in confined spaces such as tents, caravans, boats or motor vehicles as carbon monoxide can build up.

“Portable gas appliances and cylinders must be stored and transported carefully and always checked before use.

“Before heading off to the destination, everyone should check the test date for their gas cylinders and look for any signs of wear or age on the cylinders or valves, such as corrosion or clogged connectors.”

“Cylinders should be replaced if there are any signs of rust or damage and barbecue fittings and hoses need to be checked for signs of fading, fraying, cracking or splitting and the regulator connection needs to be checked for any missing ‘O’ ring seals,” he added.

Mr Cripps said pipes and connections should be checked for leaks when gas was connected from the cylinder to portable gas appliances. “Use soapy water on the pipes and connections, if there are any bubbles there is likely to be a leak,” he said.

“When using barbecues, make sure the gas ignites straight away and do not use insect sprays anywhere near them when they are alight. “While these may sound like basic, common sense rules we continue to see devastating consequences resulting from overlooking these simple tasks.”   “Following these simple steps will ensure families and friends can enjoy a ‘gas safe’ Easter period, including the current school holidays.”

Queensland Government Petroleum and Gas Inspectors have investigated nine domestic incidents involving portable gas cylinders and appliances so far during 2014, which is comparable to the same period last year.

There have been no deaths from these incidents in Queensland this year but injuries included serious burns.