Locals warned about drink-driving during festive season

GOLD Coasters are being urged to leave the car at home if they plan on having a drink this festive season.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said research showed too many Queenslanders continued to take unnecessary driving risks when drinking.

“Almost one in six drivers we’ve surveyed admitted to driving when whey planned on having a few drinks, while one in four confessed to getting behind the wheel after drinking because they believed they were okay to do so,” Ms Ritchie said.


“If you plan on drinking then also plan not to drive. Consider public transport, a taxi or organise a lift with a designated driver.”

Ms Ritchie said on average almost 25 percent of all Queensland road fatalities were the result of drink driving.

“There’s never an excuse to get behind the wheel while affected by drugs or alcohol,” she said.

“Alcohol affects your ability to drive. Once it’s been consumed the effects cannot be reversed. The only thing that will sober you up is time. No amount of coffee, food, physical activity or sleep will speed up the process.

“The general rule of thumb is that men can have up to two standard drinks in the first hour and up to one standard drink per hour after, while women can have one standard drink every hour to stay within the limit.”