Locals warned after infectious bat picked up on the Gold Coast

Gold Coasters have been put on alert after a bat was found to be infected with a disease that’s potentially fatal to humans.

A red flying fox was recovered from Albert Park on Monaco Street in Broadbeach and since tested positive for the Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV).

It was discovered on Wednesday, February 3 around 4.00 pm.


Anyone who may have had contact with this bat is now being urged to get to the doctor and ask them to contact the Public Health Unit immediately.

Public Health Physician Dr Vicki Slinko says the ABLV infection can be fatal to humans.

“The bat was found just off the pathway at the northern end of the Albert Waterways Park near the underpass for Monaco St at about 4 pm on Wednesday, 3 February.

“It was taken into care by appropriately trained and vaccinated carers.

“The sick bat was tested for ABLV and was found to be positive. This result was notified to Queensland Health and relevant follow-up was undertaken by the Gold Coast Public Health Unit.

“We have been in contact with those people who reported the bat when it was found, and those who cared for it, to check on the details of any contact they had with the bat and whether they were vaccinated.

“Once the bat was rescued, it was only handled by trained and vaccinated carers.

“It is very important to provide urgent treatment if anyone has had a scratch or bite from a bat to prevent a lethal disease,” she said.

Gold Coasters are being reminded that bats should not be handled by members of the public under any circumstances even if they appear dead.

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After the drama with covid being possibly related to bat’s, WHY? would anyone touch it??