VIDEO: Locals warned of snake danger as weather warms up

GOLD Coasters are being urged to be aware of snakes out and about as the weather starts to warm up.

A number have been spotted on local beaches and last Friday one man was bitten by a suspected brown snake at Surfers Paradise.

myGC caught up with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s resident snake expert Michael Vella to find out why these slithery specimans are so prevalent at the moment and what to do if you encounter one.


Queensland Ambulance Service Assistant Commissioner for Brisbane’s Metro South area, Peter Warrener, also shared some tips to remember.

“If you’re cleaning up your property, be careful shifting timber, iron sheeting or similar materials as snakes can be lingering nearby,” he said.

“Also avoid walking through long grass, but if you have to, wear enclosed shoes and long pants and carry a compression bandage with you.

“Dispose of food properly, including pet food, and keep bird cages clean to prevent rodents such as mice and rats, which will attract snakes to your property.”

Mr Warrener urged everyone to have a first aid kit handy to treat a bite and to have a clear understanding of what to do in an emergency.

“If a snake bite does occur, call Triple Zero (000) immediately, and keep the patient as calm as possible to reduce the spread of venom around the body,” he said.

“Don’t wash the wound, as the hospital may need to test the area to identify the snake.

“Bandage over the snake bite firmly, then work up the limb starting at the extremities (fingers and toes) and splint the limb to keep it straight.”