Lodge mates Scomo and Frydo take turns scrubbing dishes and microwaving chicken

The Federal Treasurer has afforded the country a peek into his current living arrangements with his boss, the Prime Minister.

That’s right, Josh Frydenburg and Scott Morrison have been living together at the Lodge in Canberra, due to both their hometowns being in lockdown right now.

For the last two days, the mind’s run wild with ideas of what they could possibly be getting up to under the same roof.


Alas, thoughts of board games and Netflix marathons can be put to bed, after the treasurer basically confirmed the pair hardly even have domestic duties down pat.

“It’s very good,” Treasurer Frydenberg told Sunrise this morning (with Scomo no doubt watching him from behind the camera).

“He is actually on the dishes because it’s just the two of us there so after dinner we both get the scrubbing brush and have a go for it.

“You might not believe it but it’s true and we pop the spaghetti Bolognese or last night it was the schnitzel into the microwave (???!!!) and then we sit down and have a good conversation.

To wrap it all up the Treasurer admits that his wife, who’s trapped in Melbourne, is actually jealous that he’s finally getting to the dinner table on time.

“My wife did have a laugh and said I’m turning up for dinner on time now like I’ve never done at home.

“She is a bit, she’s a bit jealous of that but she understands,” Mr Frydenberg said.

“Could be a reality series, you never know…” Kochie replies while Natalie tries to wrap her head around a microwaved schnitzel.

Between them scrubbing dishes and microwaving schnitzels (which should be illegal), we can only feel for their partners, who are probably enjoying some P&Q while the boys are at camp together.