Logan child hospitalised with multiple dog bites to limbs

A child has had to be hospitalised after he was attacked by a dog at a home in Logan overnight.

Emergency services were called to a private address in Slacks Creek around 9.00 pm, following reports the boy had been injured.

It’s understood he sustained multiple bites to his limbs from a dog at the address.


Paramedics assessed several lacerations on his body before taking him to the hospital for further treatment.

He’s understood to be in a stable condition at the Logan Hospital.

Queensland Ambulance did not confirm his age, while the breed of the dog is also not known.

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No doubt the dog will be put down. But the owners should not be allowed to own another dog for years to come. Dog attacks usually happen because the owners have not trained their dog properly. Or they received it from a rescue with no history and as such have no idea what might trigger a fear attack. No idea how old the child is, but it’s one of the reasons overseas rescues do not re-home to families with children under 5yrs old. It’s too high a risk.