Logan house fire deaths motivating locals to call for change

FOLLOWING 27 house fires in their community this year alone, and the loss of three lives, two Logan men have moved to ensure there are no more unnecessary deaths.

Councillor Luke Smith is saying enough is enough, and has called for a report into the introduction of photoelectric smoke alarms in Logan homes.

“We need to take a look at the type of fire alarms we have installed in our homes,” Cr Smith said.


“Sadly, of the two types of fire alarms available, one type is proving ineffective – sometimes due to false alarms such as the effects of stove top cooking.”

Councillor Smith wants the Government to change current legislation to align with recommendations from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and from the coronial inquest into the Slacks Creek house fire, which claimed 11 lives in 2011.

“In his report, Coroner James McDougall makes a clear distinction between the effectiveness of the two types of smoke alarms on the market. They are; ionisation and photoelectric and each alarm detects danger differently.”

“My goal is zero deaths from house fires (and) in the next Full Council meeting on October 27, I will be calling for Logan City Council to investigate how we can implement recommendations of both the QFES and the recommendations of the 2014 coroner’s report.”

He will also look at how to encourage families to retrofit existing homes with approved smoke alarms along with a new education campaign to alert all residents to the importance of having the right smoke alarms in their homes.

Founder of the Logan House Fire Support Network, Louie Naumovski is also on a mission to have legislation introduced for the regulation of domestic fire warning systems.

Mr Naumovski wants all homes required to have photoelectric alarms and his organisation has made a submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee.

“If you’d seen the devastation I’ve seen and knew there was a way to prevent injuries and death, you’d do it in a heartbeat,” he said.

“There will always been house fires but there doesn’t have to be deaths and injury as a result of these fires. Photo electric smoke alarms will provide that solution for us.”