Logan man resentenced after setting his girlfriend on fire

The man who set his 17-year-old girlfriend alight during an argument in Logan back in 2016 has been resentenced for the crime in court today.

Brae Taylor Lewis, now 22, pleaded guilty in court this week, after successfully appealing his previous sentence of 11 years.

It comes 4.5 years on from the attack, in which Lewis threw a beer bottle full of petrol at his girlfriend at a property along Avalon Court in Logan.


He then flicked a lighter, which ignited the fumes and covered the girl in flames.

She was placed into a coma for 24 hours, and spent weeks recovering in hospital. To this day, she remains traumatised by the event.

Brae Taylor Lewis was sentenced to 11 years prison for the crime back in 2018 but after a successful appeal, has returned to court this week to be resentenced.

The victim, also now 22, had to return to court for the trial, where she spoke about how she still has nightmares from the attack.

Today, the judge has resentenced Lewis to 9.5 years.

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Great, so he’s not a serious violent offender and will get out on parole anytime rather than serve at least 80% of his sentence. Does this REALLY reflect community expectation in sentencing?