Logan man and Syrian financier to be sentenced


A bookshop owner who sent money to his brother fighting in Syria could walk free from prison in a few months.

The Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions last month dropped terror-related charges against 33-year-old Omar Succarieh, who pleaded guilty to four foreign incursion offences.


Each of his four charges carry a maximum of 10 years behind pars, but the crown is calling for no more than three years for Succarieh.

Justice Roslyn Atkinson is due to hand down a sentence today.

Succarieh’s Defence barrister, Saul Holt, has asked for his client to be immediately eligible for parole, as he’s been in custody since September 2014.

He also spent 92 days in solitary confinement, following his arrest in a series of counter-terrorism raids in Logan and parts of Brisbane.

Mainly for his own protection, Succarieh was placed in an isolated cell that only had a window that looked out to a brick wall, and he suffered auditory hallucinations as a result, a Brisbane Supreme Court has heard.

Succarieh sent $US43,700 to his brother Abraham Succarieh, while he was fighting alongside terror group Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria in 2014.

The brothers communicated in code when arranging the payments, referring to cash and how much he would send as “sweets” and “kilos”.

Succarieh also gave $7700 to an Australian-born citizen of Muslim Sunni faith and Albanian descent to allegedly travel overseas and attempt to join the fight.