Woman accused of lying on border pass has fraud charge dropped

One of three Logan women accused of being at the centre of one of the state’s largest coronavirus clusters has had her fraud charge dropped.

Haja Umu Timbo, 21, was facing one count of providing false and misleading border documents and one count of fraud after an illegal trip to Melbourne at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Timbo was among three women who travelled to the southern state, where two of them are believed to have contracted COVID-19, before bringing the virus back into Queensland when they lied on their border declaration passes.


The trio managed to dodge mandatory hotel quarantine by telling health officials they had only been in Sydney, which was not a declared COVID-19 hotspot unlike Melbourne at the time.

The women then spent eight days in the Logan community, dining out at restaurants, going to work and attending a church, before two of them tested positive to the virus.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young previously said at least one of the women was “most likely” the primary source of one of the state’s biggest COVID-19 clusters, which sparked outbreaks at Queensland’s Corrective Services Academy, Brisbane Youth Detention Centre and Ipswich Hospital.

At Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday, the fraud charge against Ms Timbo was dropped.

She is still facing one count of providing false and misleading border documents.

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What example or they setting here. They should see this through. or others will just do it again.

Yep wait long enough and people will forget what grief this caused.
Then leave it to the soft QLD judicial system to let them off with what will most undoubtedly be a simple fine which they can pay off over the next 10 years!!