Logan woman wins $100K on Mother’s Day scratchie gifted by her Mum

A Crestmead Mum has enjoyed a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget, winning a whopping $100,000 on a $5 scratchie that was given to her as a gift from her mum.

While speaking with an official from The Lott this morning, the lucky woman from Logan recalled the special moment she shared with her mum over the weekend.

“Well my mum gave me some scratchies for Mother’s Day as a gift and she bought herself the exact same ones,” the woman said.


“We scratched them together and mine just happened to be the winning one!

“I thought I was dreaming and I was just waiting for someone to wake me up. It was amazing! So unbelievable and such an unforgettable Mother’s Day.”

When asked how she planned to enjoy the winnings, the Logan mum said she had plenty of ideas in mind.

“I am giving half of my prize to my mum. I want to share it with her, it makes it even more special,” the woman said.

“I’m going to use my half to go to towards a deposit on a new home,” she said.

“I’d also love a new car and a new boat.

“Mum is planning to use her half of the prize to get some renovations done around her home.

“We are absolutely over the moon. It’s so exciting!”

The winning scratchie was purchased at IGA Meadowbrook.

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