Logan women ‘most likely cause’ of Qld’s latest COVID clusters

The State’s top doctor has revealed the two women from Logan who lied about travelling to Melbourne are the most likely cause of the state’s latest coronavirus outbreaks.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young confirmed today that she is confident the Corrections and Ipswich Hospital clusters were linked to the pair.

The women travelled to Melbourne where they are believed to have contracted COVID-19, before bringing the virus back into Queensland when they lied on their border declaration passes about having been in the state.


“That’s the most likely scenario, and that’s even more likely now that we have done so much testing out there, and not found in other chains of transmission,” Dr Young said on Thursday.

“With this most recent cluster, that started in the Brisbane youth detention centre, we didn’t find the first case there, we found subsequent cases… That’s why it has taken longer to get on top of this cluster, than previous clusters,” she continued.

In some positive news, Ms Young said the state’s clusters appeared to be all under control and that she should be able to declare the youth detention centre cluster over in the next few days.

It looks as if none of the children who were in that centre have contracted the virus, which is very good, and it looks as if all of the staff have now been managed and we haven’t seen any more spread,” Dr Young said.

“Then we had the Academy cluster, and again that one is not complete yet, but we are getting more confident we have managed to control that.

“Then we had the Arthur Gorrie centre cluster with a number of staff who were positive. Again we are hopeful none of the prisoners have contracted that infection there, so that is good news.

“More recently of course, we had those staff at Ipswich Hospital, who tested positive, now we have got a school of their associated with that, so we are working through that. It is really good news that today we have had no new cases.”

While the state recorded zero new cases today, Queenslanders are being warned we’re not out of the woods yet.

“We have not had any new cases in Queensland overnight, which is exceptionally good news, but we are not out of the risk,” Ms Young said.

“I do ask every Queenslander, please, if you are unwell get tested… Today in Queensland you are far more likely to have COVID-19 then you are to have the flu.

“That’s how much more the risk is for a Queenslander today,” Dr Young said.

She also revealed that more than 1 million people have been swabbed for the virus in Queensland since the pandemic began.

“I’m very pleased to announce we have done more than 1 million tests for COVID-19 in Queensland,” Dr Young said.

“So that in the eight months of this pandemic that it has been circulating in Queensand. I do want to thank every single Queensland, all 1 million, who have come forward to be tested for this infection, and that’s what we have to keep doing.”