London Mayor says Grenfell Tower inferno was a preventable accident

London’s Mayor has commented on the deadly Grenfell Tower inferno, saying it was a “preventable accident” following “years of neglect” by successive governments.

Mayor Sadiq Khan was commenting after the council chief, leading the response to the crisis, defended the relief effort.

Last week’s blaze killed at least 58 people and left dozens injured, amid claims the wrong cladding had been added to the building.


Mr Khan said the local community was “frustrated” and “angry” after he walked out of a church service near the scene of the blaze in west London.

He added “there is a feeling from the community that they have been treated badly because some of them are poor”.

“The tragedy we’re seeing is because of the consequences of mistakes and neglect from politicians, from the council and from the Government.”

All British Government Buildings will observe a minutes silence at around 8:00PM AEST.