Lone Wolf bikie faces $40,000 fine

A LONE Wolf bikie was spotted showing off a banned 1 per cent ring at a licensed Gold Coast pub, landing him a $40,000+ fine.

Bulletin journalist, Robyn Wuth, reports the 26-year-old Lone Wolf member was frantically trying to remove the jewellery but wasn’t fast enough, being spotted by Rapid Action Patrol officers, whilst conducting a spot check at the Tugun Tavern on Saturday night.

Under the tough new legislation, any item of clothing portraying a club’s name, symbol, abbreviation or acronym relating to the outlawed club is illegal.


The tavern owner will also be interviewed by police this week, but could face an $11,000 fine for allowing the gang member to wear the prohibited item on licensed premises.

The new legislation obligates licensees to evict anyone wearing a prohibited logo and extends to any piece of clothing or jewellery and covers more than just the traditional logo patches of the clubs.

The accused will face court on December 17.