Looming deadline to get fully protected for Qld border reopening

Another day of zero new cases in Queensland but authorities continue to warn our double-zero days are numbers.

It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours since the state government unveiled their plan to reopen our borders, which all depend on one thing: our vaccination rate.

Queensland authorities remain confident that December 17 is ‘set in concrete’ as the date we allow fully vaccinated Australians in without having to quarantine.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says that if Queenslanders want to be fully protected from coronavirus by that date, then the clock is ticking.

“We have 12 days Queensland, 12 days for people to come and get vaccinated if you want to be fully protected by the 17 of December,” Ms Palaszczuk said at this morning’s press conference.

However, we’re being told that the date can still move forward if vaccinations pick up.

The Gold Coast Mayor’s even put out his own modelling that shows, based on last week’s state-wide vaccination rates, we could be 80 per cent fully vaccinated by the end of November, almost three weeks early.

“It depends on the whole state getting 80 per cent double dose,” the Premier said in response to Mayor Tom Tate’s plan.

“We’ve said that it can come forward, but if we want to have full immunity like Doctor Young said, December 17 gives Queensland if they get vaccinated.

“We need 400,000 people to get vaccinated within the next 12 days,” the Premier said.

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As of yesterday, Queensland as a whole was sitting at 56.9 per cent double dose and 72.47 per cent single dose.

The Gold Coast is on 54.9 per cent second dose and 71.4 per cent first dose.

While Queensland continues to enjoy covid free life for the next month or saw, the Chief Health Officer remains true to her message: the virus is coming.

“We will be bringing in the virus, through the borders, in vaccinated people.

“Because we know that once you’re vaccinated, you still can get infected and transmit it but you’re very unlikely to get unwell and end up in hospital.

“So every single Queenslander is going to get exposed to the Covid-19 virus and will get infected.

“But if you’re vaccinated, that’s not a problem,” Doctor Young said.