Lovable Lola the Labrador shot in ‘sickening’ attack

A beautiful young Labrador has survived a ‘sickening’ attack that left her with 30 slug pellets in her head.

One-year-old Lola has undergone surgery to have some of the pellets removed, but the perpetrators of the horrific act of animal cruelty, that happened in Grantham west of Brisbane, are yet to be found.

“I’m actually quite emotional talking about it,” her owner, Kayla Evans, told Seven News. “She is like family to us.”


Ms Evans, who is a vet nurse, found Lola with a bloodied head on Thursday and thought she may have had a run-in with a possum.

But, later that night, she and her partner decided to clip Lola’s fur to take a closer look and that’s when they saw the shocking wounds, but still didn’t know what had caused them.

Lola was eventually taken for an x-ray on Saturday, which is when the 30 pellets were discovered.

“To think anyone could do this to any animal is sickening, but when it happens to your own dog… it’s really hard.”

It’s believed she would have been shot at close range, of about one to three metres. Anyone with information is urged to contact Police.

Seven pellets were removed during surgery, but more than 20 remain in Lola’s head and she may have to go through more intensive surgery.

“We’re just so happy she’s alive,” Ms Evans said.