Love cats? Hate cats? Survey will help us manage them better

There are nearly 4 million pet cats in Australia, but are they being managed responsibly in a way that minimises their impact on Australian wildlife?

The Tweed Shire Council is putting together a Love Cats Love Wildlife education project, and recently surveyed cat owners’ about current behaviours and the behavioural changes they are likely to adopt in the future.

In the first survey, results showed many owners believed it was important to have cats microchipped, de-sexed, vaccinated and registered, and a large number of owners took their pets for yearly vet check-ups.


Now the Council needs our help for a follow-up survey that looks further at cat ownership and management and is open to all Tweed adults, whether you own a cat or not.

Survey feedback will help guide future Council programs and activities through the project. And, in coming months, Council will invite Tweed cat owners to also participate in focus groups to gather further information for Love Cats Love Wildlife.

The survey takes around 15 minutes to complete, and you’ll go in a draw for a $25 gift voucher.

10 Essential Tips for Cat owners

  1. Do not allow your cat to roam.
  2. Ensure your cat wears a collar and bell.
  3. Avoid unwanted kittens, have your cat desexed.
  4. Have new cats registered and microchipped after 1 July 1999.
  5. Do not allow your cat out at night.
  6. Ask your adjoining owners if your cat causes any nuisance problems, and correct them.
  7. Do not allow your cat to enter local bushland or attack native wildlife.
  8. Keep your cat healthy and happy.
  9. Avoid nuisance problems caused by boredom.
  10. Make sure you really want a cat and are prepared to care for it before acquiring one.