Love Rat Lawson evicted from the Big Brother House

ONE of Big Brother’s most controversial Housemates, Lawson, has been evicted from the Big Brother House.

The 23-year-old went into the Big Brother house as a taken man, saying he was still with his girlfriend of five years, Candice Leeder.

But Lawson has been cheating with Cat inside the Big Brother house for the past month.


When Sonia quizzed Lawson on his relationship with Cat, he replied: “I didn’t expect to have feelings for Cat, but they progressed, I knew it was wrong and I’ve struggled with it since.

“I think my relationship on the outside will probably be over. I have to give her (Candice) the chance to tell me how she’s feeling and give her the opportunity to end it. I never intended to hurt her, I’ll have to stand up and cope the negativity on the chin and take responsibility.

“I wouldn’t have changed anything, I can’t live with regrets.”

When Sonia asked Lawson about future plans with Cat, he said they would have to chat about it but perhaps he’d make a move.

Aisha, Travis, Cat and Leo now have an increased chance of leaving the Big Brother House in tonight’s LIVE Double eviction.

Tune in at 8.40pm on Channel Nine.