She loves me, she loves me not: The Bachelorette final recap

It’s official ladies.. Lee is off the market!

Georgia Love snapped up that fine piece of ass like any smart woman would and made it her own.


But as all good grand finale’s go in Bachie-ette land.. one man walks away happy and another leaves heartbroken.

It all went something a little bit like this..

From 16 hopefuls and 2 intruders, Lee and Matty have made it to the Grand Finale in Georgia’s quest to find love.

Budget cuts have been harsh this season and it shows as the final 2 lads fly Scoot airlines to Singapore to meet Georgia and her family.

Georgia’s mum is too sick to be there, so her Dad – Doctor Love – the erectile dysfunction specialist, and sister Katie (whose smeared red lippy across her face in an attempt to look presentable) meet the lads.

It’s Matty’s turn first and big sis Katie is intent on asking all the big questions like – are you allergic to cats?

She gives him the tick of approval but Dr Love isn’t sold on Matty because he lives in Sydney and a long distance relationship isn’t ideal. Umm I’m not sure if a 90 minute flight passes as long distance?

Next it’s front-runner Lee’s turn to meet the fam-bam. He’s on a mission to impress and wears a shirt that shows more cleavage than Georgia.

Sister Katie is wary of Lee because he’s beautiful and says all the right things which must mean he’s a man-whore but secretly I think she just wants to tap that.

Georgia is stuck between a rock and a hard place..

Dr Love favours Lee and sis prefers Matty.

Time for the final dates and Georgia spends the day with Matty. He tells her he’ll be devastated if she doesn’t pick him at the end of all this… and we get that awful feeling that Matty isn’t going to be the final man standing tonight.

On Lee’s last date with Georgia they cruise around the city and end the date in the infinity pool. With Matty already professing his love for Georgia, the pressure’s on Lee to tell her how he really feels.

Georgia’s wearing her nan’s second best bathing suit and it seems Lee likes what he sees as the two canoodle in the pool and he tells Bachie-ette he loves her.  She’s stoked, and they embrace for one last kiss.

D-Day has arrived!

Osher graces us with his presence for the last time this season.

Bachie-ette is dressed in a powder blue gown and awaits the first limo.

True bachie fans know whoever steps out of the first limo is going home.

The limo pulls up and the door opens.

Unsuspectingly… Matty steps out of the limo.


Our hearts break as the sad violin music plays and Matty walks to meet Georgia. Her face says it all. She reaches right into his chest on national TV and rips out his heart as she says she’s fallen in love, but not with him. He’s gutted. He climbs back in the limo and downloads Tinder.

LEE IS THE WINNER! But budget cuts mean there’s no final rose to hand out.

So Georgia tells him she’s fallen madly in love with him and that should compensate.

He’s been the hot favourite from the very beginning and now the man from Melbourne with the pretty face and the quiet voice is going home with Georgia Love to make beautiful babies just like Lee’s nan ordered.

Until next year Bachie-ette fans – peace out!