Lowest petrol prices in a year

I USED to live in America. The price of petrol or ‘gas’ changed every other week and the difference in prices between ‘gas stations’ was minimal. It cost about $3.00 per gallon…that is a drool worthy 79 cents per litre, Gold Coasters.

In these parts, the price averages close to $1.50 but can change within hours at the one location and vary up to twenty cents between service stations. Getting a good price around here requires either a lot of homework or sheer luck.

Remember when Cheap Tuesday was the day to fill up? That ship has long since sailed and predicting the bottom of the fuel cycle has become a science and it is keeping us all on our toes.


On the weekend, I had to get petrol. It was a long weekend, of course, so my expectations were low and I wasn’t surprised when the price at our local service station was 152.9 cents per litre.

I even felt a bit chuffed because for once we remembered our four-cent discount coupon. I saved myself a whole $2.20 thank you very much.

The good feeling was short lived, however. An hour later I saw petrol advertised for 134.9. What the?

Swerving to do a double take, I nearly caused a car accident and just might have a case of whiplash. To say I felt ripped off is an understatement and it’s not like I could take our full tank back.

Nine Gold Coast News reported last night that the Gold Coast is currently experiencing the lowest petrol prices in over a year. The average price for petrol in 2013, according to the RACQ, was 147.9 cents per litre (ULP).

At the moment you can find it for 133.9.

Not that I’m complaining, but it is a bit confounding. Don’t world events and the exchange rate of the Aussie dollar usually affect the price of petrol in a major way?

And there is a lot going on. We have major strife in the Middle East, the fall out of the plane crash in Syria continues, our Aussie dollar has been stable for months, and we just had a public holiday.

It sounds like the perfect storm for expensive petrol and yet the price continues to fall. Anyone care to enlighten me?

If this hangs around, a good, old-fashioned road trip or ‘surfari’ might even be on the cards.

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